General Disclaimer

Filmonik Screenings are open to all filmmakers, with no pre-screening or censorship. However, it is understood that the filmmaker has the full rights to submit the film to Filmonik, that any relevant legal clearances have been sought by the filmmaker, and that films shall contain no pornographic, libellous, or otherwise potentially litigious material. Therefore Filmonik should not be held liable for any third party claims or complaints due to content. Filmonik reserves the right to reject any future films by filmmakers, particularly due to screening overly offensive content. 

Please note that Filmonik venues are often bars, and that events are targeted at an adult audience. Due to the unpredictable, “open mic” nature of the screenings, we do not consider our events suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Filmonik and Kino (The Kino Movement) are not affiliated with Manchester's Kinofilm group (of Kino Shorts).

Kabaret: All film work created during the Kabaret should be created with the intention of being first exhibited at the Kabaret public screening(s). If a film is unable to be screened due to time/technical constraints, we ask that the work is screened at a subsequent open screening. The organisational team withholds the right to refuse to screen films made during the Kabaret which are offensive or disrespectful of the creative constraints. Said films may also be refused from future screenings.

While filmmakers are encouraged to use the Kabaret to network, form new collaborative partnerships, and develop new relationships, films made during the Kabaret are expected to made FOR the Kabaret. We will not appreciate people using the event as a means of producing films that are intended for other purposes/presentations. Films created for the Kabaret can subsequently be screened elsewhere, and work created can be incorporated into other projects later. In which case, everyone who has worked on the project must agree to their work being used in this way, in assurance that all crew-members are credited and that the Kabaret should be acknowledged in some way. 

Filmonik is a crew-based event, open to amateurs and professionals alike. Within the film lab, we stand firmly against inequality or hierarchy. Collaboration, experimentation and general openness are the goal. We do not condone any behaviour or action that might endorse a barrier to entry, or that which might intimidate or discourage those new to the Kabaret event process. Childish behaviour is frowned upon. Auditions are frowned upon in this environment also.

EventBrite (Ticket-Purchase): The purchase of a ticket via Eventbrite (or via any other ticket purchasing system) is confirmation that the nature of the event and all subsequent venues connected to the event in question have been taken into consideration. You confirm your understanding that many of our events take place in public, open spaces and that events can often be physically tiring.

Ticket-purchase for all Filmonik events (particularly Kabaret events) is a confirmation or your acknowledgment that Filmonik cannot be held against any action, liability, claim, loss, damage, proceeding, expense (including legal costs) suffered or incurred by us, arising from, or which is directly or indirectly, related to your work. You agree that you are responsible for equipment while in your possession and acknowledge that Filmonik will in no way be held liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential damages or losses incurred to that equipment or your own.

Screening Submission: I guarantee that I am the creator and owner of my submissions and that to my knowledge my work does not infringe UK Copyright laws. I also guarantee that my submitted works are my property and I am able to show them for public consumption. All the casts and crews involved in these productions have given full consent and I have the rights to present all audio and visual content used within the film. (For non-documentary films) All characters appearing in these works are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 

You will not present, produce or provide work which: • is defamatory, fraudulent, unlawful, threatening, intimidating, harassing, harmful, hateful, abusive, tortuous), vulgar, obscene, invasive of another's privacy, sexist, racist, homophobic, violent, degrading; or • infringes the intellectual or other proprietary interests of third parties; or • impersonates another person or entity, attempts to solicit personal information from another participant, contains sexually explicit language or images, advertises or promotes the sale of products or services such as firearms, tobacco or alcohol, adult products and services and any other products or services Filmonik considers to be inappropriate; or • change or limit the functionality of the Kabaret or any other venue, including hardware and other electronic equipment, which in any way impinges on another participant’s use or enjoyment of the Kabaret or otherwise breaches or encourages other users to breach these conditions of use; or • violates any law, statute or regulation, or is contrary to any relevant standards or codes; or • forges information to disguise the origin of any content; or • encourages or incites any other person to engage in any of the above behaviour.

Filmonik withholds the right to interpret if any piece of work is overly offensive or in violation of any major rules.
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