Upcoming Kabaret Events - The Filmonik Kabaret 2015 - 27th JUL to 2nd AUG

Filmonik is the Manchester cell representing the Kino Movement, a worldwide filmmaking phenomenon which champions the drive to make films NOW, regardless of means. Founded in Canada, and eventually spreading the Kino call all across the globe, each cell comprises a diverse community of filmmakers, actors, musicians, graphic designers and more. No two cells are alike. Many, like Filmonik, hold regular screenings and events. But throughout the year, all members of the Kino community are host to the Kino-Kabaret.

The Kabaret is a collaborative filmmaking event, often described as a video "jam-session". Participants have a short, set amount of time to write, direct, edit and screen films publicly within only a few days. Collaboration is key - no matter what your skills are - and you may learn a few new ones along the way:

Filmonik Kino Kabaret (Summer)
      This is our longest, 24-hours a day, international Kabaret. With at least two rounds, and two public screenings, participants from the UK and various other Kino cells across the globe come together to collaborate and make brilliant short films. Throughout the Kabaret, the lab is your space to generate ideas, test equipment, edit and steal a few hours sleep between renders. It’s up to you to get involved and get busy in whichever way you please. This is our flagship Kabaret, each year surpassing the last in every way.

Filmonik Guerrilla/Mini Kabaret (Spring & Autumn)
      Either side of the summer, we also hold shorter, and often more frantic Kabarets. The race is on to make the most of your time and work on something truly special. The focus is on teaming up, sharing skills and sharing kit in order to get the job done. Often geared towards weekends or holiday periods, this is your chance to take a break from the norm and make some great films while you’re at it.

The best way to find out more is simply to get involved yourself, or come to a public Kabaret screening. As with all things Kino, we want people to get active, be productive, and find their creative voice. If you’re new to filmmaking, or even if you’re a seasoned professional, the Kabaret is a great way to flex your creative muscles, meet your local filmmakers, and learn a thing or two about low-budget, high-speed production. Keep your eyes peeled on the news page and our Facebook group for dates and updates on our upcoming Kabaret events.
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