The Filmonik Kabaret 2015


The Filmonik Kabaret 2015 at The Wonder Inn, Manchester!

27th JUL to 2nd AUG ~ The Wonder Inn, 29 Shudehill, Manchester, M4 2AF ~ SCREENINGS on 29th JUL & 2nd AUG

This year’s big Summer Kabaret is at a brand new location at The Wonder Inn, one of the most exciting new arts & events spaces to pop up in the centre of Manchester. For one week, we’ll fill it’s charming little nooks and crannies with all manner of talented individuals, from Manchester and beyond.


The Filmonik Kabaret is an opportunity for filmmakers of all backgrounds and specialisms - be they actors, DOPs, directors, musicians, and so forth - to come together for one week only and make films in time for two public screenings. Meet at the start of of each round to either pitch a film or get involved with somebody else’s. It’s up to you to get stuck in.

For seven days, The Wonder Inn will be yours in which to meet, eat, edit or simply chill out before hitting the city and making your ideas a reality! Rumblings of an on-site cafe and other unique features are in the works, but don’t get too distracted - make sure you finish your projects in time to be screened for all to see.

Get yourselves familiar with the running order, as follows:


Meet at The Wonder Inn to pitch a film or donate your skills, equipment, or some free hugs to somebody else’s project. YOU MUST be at the meeting if you want to pitch your film - no secret films guys! Remember, this is the shorter round so plan your films accordingly.

29th JUL - FIRST SCREENING, 7:30pm

Every film from the first round will be screened publicly. Bring along some friends and enjoy some particularly strong punch and popcorn.


Shake off the exhaustion from Round 1 and get ready to do it all again in the final round of the Summer Kabaret. Same as round one - make sure you’re at the meeting if you want to pitch a film. This will be a slightly longer round, but remember to export your films in time!


The last hoorah of the week - every remaining film will be screened live for all to see, so make it a good one and send off the 2015 Kabaret with a bang!

Also, here’s a breakdown of all this year’s ticket prices:

Full Kabaret + Screenings - £25
Full Kabaret STUDENT DISCOUNT - £20 (proof of study on arrival)
First Round + Screening - £10
Second Round + Screening - £15
Screening only - £5 (£4 STUDENT DISCOUNT)

Please be aware that the lab at The Wonder Inn IS NOT 24 HOUR THIS YEAR. We can stay late but the doors will close overnight. If you’re traveling from outside of Manchester we will do our best to house you, but for now please be generous with your sofas!

Keep an eye on Facebook for news and updates. There’s plenty to do in time for the 27th. We’re really looking forward to seeing you all this year. It’s a new lab with a lot of potential for you and your films, so sod lying around on the beach getting sunburnt and join us this summer for the Filmonik Kabaret 2015!!!


If you want to know more about what happens at a Kabaret, why not head over to our Vimeo channel and check out some highlights from previous years ­

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