Filmonik Kabaret 2013 - Thank you!

Over eighty filmmakers, more than eighty films, seven days of intensive creative collaboration, and two epic, sold-out screenings – but now, alas, the Filmonik Kinokabaret 2013 is over! And what a Kabaret it was... Enduring long days under the blistering Manchester sun (Yes. Blistering. Manchester. Sun. This is NOT a typo.), intrepid kino-ites from Greater Manchester, the North West, and all across the UK and Europe laboured round the clock to make this the biggest, boldest and altogether most awesome KinoKabaret to date.
This year, the lab was based at Salford’s Noiseboy Studios, a high-end professional recording studio with enough space to house a kabaret-worth of people. For seven furious, film-packed days, Noiseboy served as our bedroom, editing room, kitchen, and oftentimes location for many of our films. Whether those days were spent frantically sweating over a final render or chilling out under the gazebo, we’re sad to say goodbye… for now.
Public screenings were held at Madlab on July 24th and The Deaf Institute on July 28th, where heaving crowds were treated to some of the most varied, challenging, and downright amazing films to ever come out of a Filmonik Kabaret. Everything from throwaway silliness to heartbreaking tragedy, from parody and satire to violent mayhem, gentle lyricism to deadpan surrealism.

There was raw emotion and poker-faced wit, guns and kittens, superheroes and spacemen (and yes, it turns out there IS life on Mars, but not as we know it), gangsters and killers of all types and stripes, martial arts and musicals. Something for everyone and so damn much of it we thought we'd be there all night screening it. Many films are still being uploaded. Keep an eye on the Filmonik Vimeo Channel for more:

Among this year’s participants, we were happy to welcome filmmakers from Kino cells in Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium and Holland. We’d love to see you guys again next year! Bring a few friends with you while you’re at it!! Many a blast was had by all, and many thanks to Shrimoyee for her kind review on

So until the Guerilla Kabaret comes around later this year, it’s time to shake off the post-kabaret blues and say thank you to everyone who supported the 2013 Kinokabaret in any capacity. We’ll see you all next time!
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