Filmonik Open Screening #56


Ah, Valentine’s Day! A time of year hated by couples and singles alike. The singles resent there being a special day to underline the fact that nobody likes them; the couples feel they should do something to celebrate their relationship but don’t really know what. This Fe...bruary, Filmonik offers an alternative to getting drunk on your own, or quarrelling with a loved one. Why not join us for a special screening in celebration of that most romantic of saints? Better yet, why not make a film?

If you’ve something to show, all you need to is contact us and book a slot, or just bring it along on the night. If you’re simply keen to see what’s happening in the world of low budget independent short film, then come on down. We’re not asking for hearts and flowers. We don’t want chocolates and sentimental cards. We just want your films! Join us for what may turn out to be a specially themed “Romance and Relationships” screening. Or maybe it won’t - the onus is on you the filmmakers!

Admission £3 (Free for screening filmmakers).
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