Filmonik Kabaret 2011

We hope you’ve been taking your vitamins in readiness for our annual marathon of flat out, peddle-to-the-metal 24 hour filmmaking. We are looking for directors, writers, actors, animators musicians, cameramen, lighting and sound people, creatives of all types who are up for a challenge and want to push themselves to the limit.

Part creative boot-camp, part extended jam session, the 2010 Kabaret attracted filmmakers, actors, and musicians, from Germany, Mexico, Spain, the USA and Egypt, as well as from all around the UK; all of whom wanted to subject themselves to insane deadlines in a confined workspace. All of whom believe that nothing is a greater spur to creativity than this kind of stress. There were technical difficulties, tantrums, sleepless nights, and lots of jokes in dubious taste. And over the space of nine days, this strange hot-house atmosphere spawned over fifty short films, forged numerous new creative partnerships and collaborations, inspired several people to make their very first films, and several more to experiment in new genres and styles. Nobody who took part is ever going to forget it, though some may wish to!

For our 2011 Kabaret, we aim to push ourselves even harder. It is going to be a monster. Dates to be confirmed very soon. But for now let’s just say that you should start looking at your diaries for April…
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