Filmonik/Salford Film Fest Mini Kabaret

Thursday November 4th - Sunday November 7th
Film lab location TBA
Final screening at Salford Arts Theatre, Sunday November 7th, 7.30pm

Not so much an “Open Mic”, as an “Open Screen”, Filmonik offers a censure-free public platform to all filmmakers, be they Industry Professionals, self-styled Media Guerrillas, or relative novices still finding their creative voice.

The Kabaret is part jam session, part boot camp; a 24/7 creative hothouse. Those who took part in the Manchester Kabaret earlier this year are bonded forever in blood and celluloid. And now it’s time for the follow-up. The Salford Mini-Kabaret will be kick-starting this year’s Salford Film Festival with more peddle-to-the metal filmmaking frenzy.

Directors, animators, actors, editors, musicians, sound designers and general enthusiasts from around the globe will be descending on Salford with cameras, equipment and bright ideas to create new work that must be completed and screened during the time of the Kabaret. If you’ve always dreamed of making “that little movie”, if only you had the time / talent / equipment, now is your chance to watch that dream crash and burn, and see something else come stumbling from the ashes.

We’ll provide the workspace and screening venue. All you need to do is write, shoot, edit, and screen your film. In a 4 days. You’ll never have another opportunity like it.

There’ll be limited access to equipment but unlimited access to talent, a little basic training for novices and opportunities galore for creative collaboration. We’ll even have a few spare script ideas available for people who don’t like to set off without a road map. All we require is your commitment, your enthusiasm and most of all your passion…

The price of the whole event including the screening is £10 (so £2.50 per day) which includes some basic food, a little beer and what ever equipment we can muster from our magical Filmonik hats (and by the way, wearing a hat is an essential part of Kabaret… you may also want to bring a dressing gown for the duration…)

Check out the Facebook page on -!/event.php?eid=160838903937029
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