Filmonik Open Screening #40

Odder :: February 1st, 2009 :: Doors 7.30, films from 8pm :: £2 Entry

Hello Everyone,

And a happy New Year from all at Filmonik!

Did you miss us? Did you wonder where we’d gone? Did you feel neglected when we didn’t write? Did you think we’d disappeared for good?

Then we owe you an apology and some reassurances. We never intended to be away so long. We were undergoing a few changes of personnel, and so, while we were at it, we took some time out for reflection.

But now we’re back. We’ve a new venue - ODDER on Oxford Road - and a new schedule - we will now be operating bi-monthly instead of every month - but otherwise this is a return to basics. Filmonik #40 will be a reboot, and a restatement of principles. It will be the beginning of Filmonik 2.0.

With Filmonik 1.0, we provided a regular “Open Mic Night” for filmmakers – the first of its kind in the region, and still the best. But this wasn’t enough for us. The Censure-Free Open Screen is a fine idea, but there is always the fear that one day it will stand empty, unless we do something more to encourage and promote active movie-making in the region. The dream was always that filmmakers would be inspired, encouraged, even driven to create new work specifically for Filmonik screenings. This did happen, of course. We had and have our loyal Filmonikers. But we want more. We want new faces, new work, new commitment.

We will give you a screen. We will give you a slot. Now get out there and create. Make something new. We challenge you to challenge yourselves.

If you want to get involved, if you have a film you want to screen, if you’ve questions to ask or gripes to make, then get in touch!

See you in February...
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